Retro Roleplay Server Rules

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1. Do not Fail-RP, RDM, VDM, cop-bait, troll, or commit any other acts that are disadvantageous to a realistic and positive Roleplay experience. Simply, play like a real person would act, create roleplays that are original, fun, and realistic.
2. The staff has full discretion on all rules, if you are causing issues even if not directly in violation of rules staff may use their discretion.
3. All vehicles, vehicle modifications, pedestrians, weapons, and roleplay must have existed in or before the 1980s, or could reasonable exist in the 1980s.
4. Do not argue with, impersonate, or harass staff while in the server. Staff can be busy with there RP or with other situations. If you need a staff member contact one in OOC using //.
5. Do not be disruptive to RP in an unrealistic way. I.E Do not mic spam or join an RP you are not a part of without reason.
6. Avoid toxicity in the server, you can swear or be rude in RP, but avoid unnecessary use of slurs or any other highly offensive language. Our of RP slurs and any other highly offensive language is prohibited.
7. No sexual roleplay is permitted.
8. No metagaming, power-gaming, or revenge killing.
9. Do not break RP unless it is completely necessary and unavoidable.
10. Do not "ass-pull" large weapons, you must use /me when grabbing a large gun from a car or back.
11. You must adhere to the priority cooldown timer. A priority is any call that requires more than 2-3 police officers. There may only be one priority at once and you must wait 15 minutes between priorities.
12. You must maintain inside of the marker Area of Play (AOP) unless your Rp started outside of AOP or you have staff permission.
13. Duel clanning is defined as being registered on another active Fivem RP community.
a. you may only duel clan if you are below the rank of Sergeant, and not staff. High ranking members may not duel clan.
14. You may only teleport or spawn cars when you can realistically do so I.E grabbing car at garage or parking lot. Teleportation is only allowed when you must move to a new AOP or to move to the AOP.


1. You must value your characters life at all times.
2. The following RP scenarios are for Registered Civilians only:
a. Boats and aircraft
b. Hitman, sniper or terrorist RP (with staff approval)
c. Animal RP
d. Impersonating emergency services, must be realistic I.E stealing cars and clothes not spawning.
I. Anyone may steal a police car, but may not pull people over with it if unregistered.
3. When revived you are in EMS/PD custody and may not just run off.
4. Kidnapping police/EMS requires multiple police officers to be online.