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What is your RP First and Last Name?: Richie Gunner

What is your date of birth?: 2001/05/11

What is your Steam 64 HEX ID? (find it at : 1100001000056ba (Hex)

How frequently can you be on the server?: 3 days a week

Why do you want to be a Sheriff's Deputy?:
As I have fellow friends that joined the Sheriff's Office, I would like to join them as we share very familiar experiences in RP. I personally also enjoy being apart of a PD it is my main choice of RP.

What can you bring to the BCSO?:
Personally I am a very calm and kind person, enjoy helping my fellow officers in anything they need and as well for anyone else. I like to have fun but to an appropriate level, and enjoy learning more from other fellow officers. I have been trained by my friend that is a cop in real life, and I like to add realism to the server by using these trainings I learned. Whenever attending any scenario, I always want to de-escalate the situation to bring peace and to stop violence from occurring. I am not a trigger happy person but I am able to keep up with suspects fleeing from officers.

What is leadership? Name a time you have shown leadership?:
Leadership can be shown by putting the leader's effort into completing an objective, but not by making orders and making other do work.

What is the role of the BCSO?:
The role of the BCSO is to serve and protect. They are to stop illegal activity and providing safety to the community.

What sets you apart from other applicants?:
I personally have received in game training by a friend that is an actual cop in real life, I enjoy learning more from him and love to put the training into role play scenarios to add realism.

What experience do you have as an LEO?:
As I was an ex-major for Oklahoma Highway patrol. I have also been promoted to captain of SAHP motor unit, meaning I was in charge of the motor unit and took the responsibility to have professional officers in my department.

Have you read and understood all server rules?:

Nick Bounty
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Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:34 pm

Dear Mr. Gunner

I'm writing to inform you that I have decided to accept your application into the Blaine County Sherriff's Office and to allow you to begin your career as a deputy. To proceed further, please contact me to schedule an interview.

Kind Regards,

Sheriff of Blaine County, Nick Bounty
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