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Firstly I wanted to say I'm sorry for poor grammar, I'm extremely sick and my head is very stuffy, But thank you for taking the time to look at my application <3

What is your RP First and Last Name?: AJ Diffley

What is your date of birth?: 02/27/03

What is your Steam 64 HEX ID? (find it at : 11000010930b799

How frequently can you be on the server?: Almost every patrol

Why do you want to be a Sheriff's Deputy?: I would like to be a Member of the BCSO because I do enjoy the look of this server, and I always enjoy the LEO side of FiveM. The look of this server and the 1985 aspect is 'way cool, dude.'

What can you bring to the BCSO?: I believe I can bring LEO experience, not only from FiveM but from IRL. I have many friends who are Real LEOs, Including an officer who was shot in the line of duty. I live in St Louis so I'm in the deadliest city in the US (yay) so I have real experience with LEOs, such as community events, or even just ridealongs. I also do have a bit of firearm experience after using firearms and well... having one used on me, which isn't funky fresh man. But I digress, I love the state department but it will be a new experience.

What is leadership? Name a time you have shown leadership?: Leadership is when you take charge in spite of a crisis, a hero who inspires his team to follow suit. I've shown leadership by doing many mentor-ship things in my school. I go to an alternative special needs school and I'm a mentor for the ones who need it, I try to be the best I can to help and Guide People.

What is the role of the BCSO?: The BCSO, like all policing jobs, has the job of serving and protecting the Citizens of Blaine County. They are to be a figurehead of the community they serve.

What sets you apart from other applicants?: I believe that I have a lot of experience with both FiveM and IRL policing but I don't believe that I am "better" than any other applicant due to the fact that, I have no clue what they do, or if they do things better. I do believe that I am a good choice if you're looking for someone fun and experienced (oh boy that word again) that you can get along easily with.

What experience do you have as an LEO?: As stated previously, I have both FIveM and IRL expirence, but I've failed to explain the FiveM stuff. As for the FiveM I have always been a highly regarded member of State/highway/DPS if not the department head. I love these jobs, and yes I currently am in a FiveM server as STAFF. I am one of the owners, though I was only promoted there because I do all their server maintenance. I do have more server staff positions in the past, but I've given those up.

Have you read and understood all server rules?: Yes I have read them all, and the only question I had was answered in the general chat.
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