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A. South
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Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:58 pm

What is your First and Last Name?: Alan South

What is your date of birth?: 11/4/04

What is your Steam 64 HEX ID? (find it atwww.VacBanned.com) : 110000109ea9873

How frequently can you be on the server?: 3-4 Days a Week

Why do you want to be a Firefighter/EMT?: Ive been Officer alot, And i have a new found passion for FD and want to keep learning about it

What experience can you bring?: Although I havent Been FD Much, I do know More then just the basics, And i willing to learn alot more

What medical knowledge do you have?: EMT Basic Medical Training, Epinephrine Morphine ETC,

What is the job of the SAFD?: Depends which Your Playing as, It can Go from EMT, EMTP, EMS, Fire Fighter, Etc, I usually Role play As an EMT Job as An EMT, Is in a since First Res ponders Usually In are the drivers of the Ambulances, While EMTP's Are usually in the back Our job is to respond quickly and efficient While giving the Patient the Best care, In case of Traumatic Injuries

Why are you qualified to become a Firefighter/EMT?:

Have you read and understood all server rules?:
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